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Coorpacademy Universe - Discovering the platform

How do I find my way around the home page?

The home page is the one you arrive on once you are signed in to the platform. It is towards this page that you will be redirected as soon as you finish a course. It is always accessible wherever you are on the platform, by clicking on the logo in the top left corner. Under the main banner you will find different blocks depending on the display option. The selection of courses is classified in different sections. You can choose any course to start with! Several examples of sections :

  • "Recommended for you" section: courses are suggested individually according to an algorithm analyzing your behavior during your previous training.
  • "New Releases" section: highlights new releases on the platform.
  • Skills-based section, which presents all the courses belonging to a competency. Examples : “Leadership & Management” ou “Digital Culture”
  • You can also challenge your colleagues by clicking on the banner "Create a new battle".
  • Further, you can follow the latest news on your platform with "News" sections (if available).

What do the shortcuts at the top of the platform mean (Home, Battles, More ...)?

Quickly access different features from the shortcuts at the top of the screen:

  • Home - return to the homepage of your platform.
  • Battles - challenge your colleagues and win points!
  • More :
Catalog - access all available courses Discussions - see the comments posted on forums for each level Library - view course resources at a glance (videos, PDF) Notifications - manage your email subscriptions and notifications and more : pages “Certifications” and specific pages on the content of your platform
  • Activity page - my progress on the courses I have started / completed
  • Ranking - my score and my position regarding top 20 learners on my platform
  • Badges - summary of all badges that can be won on the platform
  • Photo/Avatar - can be modified in “My Account” (mobile application, my profile, my alerts)
  • Settings (language settings, my account, live notifications, log out)

How can I start the course?

Just click on the chosen course card, either on your platform home page or via the catalog. There are two ways to do the course: either by following an entire course (it consists of levels, themselves made up of chapters and lasts up to 30/45 minutes) or by doing a chapter quickly in less than 5 minutes via 5'Learning. Course format It provides you with the following information:

  • a short description of the subject
  • the course structure: the number of levels and chapters
  • course resources (videos or pdf)
The content of each level (Basic, Advanced or Coach), is accessible by clicking on the tab corresponding to the level. It contains :
  • skills acquired once the level has been validated
  • details of the chapters included in the level
To start this course click on the "Start Level" button. 5’ Learning Format 5 'Learning format is a learning mode allowing you to train quickly on a very specific topic. The principle is simple:
  • You can study a single chapter (in 5 minutes) with
  • 1 course video
  • 1 quiz of 4 questions
  • You have an unlimited number of lives, meaning you can continue learning on the chapter without having to start over.
Tip: Take the time to focus on correcting wrong answers.

How can I find a specific course? Using the search bar.

If you know the name of the course, use the search bar on the home page. You can search for a course by its title, the chapter name or the author.

How can I see all the courses available in the catalog?

You can access the catalog via the button "More" in the main menu, then "Catalog".

You can filter courses according to several criteria: collections, skills, course duration, themes and authors.

How to leave a comment or give my opinion?

At the bottom of each course level, you can give your opinion on the forums. You may see comments left by your colleagues sorted by date. This is a place for discussion: you can react to comments already posted. The goal is to share your experience!

To get an overview of all comments on your platform classified by course and level, you can visit the "Discussions" page in the "More" menu.

Where to find all the videos of the courses?

If you are in the middle of the quiz the video can be accessed by clicking on "Lesson" below the questions. On the course page, you have the list of videos associated with each chapter. Finally, to see all videos: go to the “Library” page in the “More” menu. Videos are categorized by course and level. This page allows you to watch videos without needing to complete levels, practice, review, or learn before answering questions!

Notifications - activation / deactivation, email subscription

You can choose to receive or deactivate:

  • messages sent automatically by the platform (eg.: when you get a certificate, or someone challenges you to a Battle ...)
  • notifications (eg.: "Try the most popular course", "Recommended courses" ...)
Go to "My alerts" on your "Account" page to manage your emails and notifications. You can also unsubscribe from emails directly at the bottom of the received email page.

What are certificates (learning paths) and how do I validate them?

A certificate is a reward when you validate a series of specific courses. Usually you have one or more available on your platform. They are accessible from the “Certifications” page in the “More” menu.

In addition to completing your certificate, you can also earn :
  • bonus points
  • a nominative diploma downloadable (in PDF format)

The list of courses to be validated is described on the Certificate page. To access it, click on the badge or the Certificate title.

For more information on the conditions of obtaining certificates, click on "See More". You will receive an email once your Certificate is validated.

Where can I see the courses I’ve completed?

The place to go is “My activity” page : You’ll find the summary of all stars you’ve earned there. From any page, click on … the star in the main menu to go the My Activity page. On this page, you access the stars earned by winning battles, completing courses and 5'Learning, as well as validating your certificate(s) if there are any on your platform.

My ranking, how to progress and move up the leaderboard?

You can constantly consult your score (the number of stars you’ve earned). It is your score that determines your ranking within the learner community of the platform. The ranking page allows you to visualize your position and ranking of the 20 users with the highest number of stars. You can thus situate yourself in the general classification. The top 20 users are visible to all learners, but your personal ranking is only visible to you. You can create a "Private Profile" by hiding your last name if you do not want to display it in the ranking. This can be done on your "My Account" page, in the "My Profile" section. If you are not in the list of the top 20, you can see your score at the bottom of the page. In order to improve your position you can redo course levels to improve your score, coach in new courses or challenge your colleagues to Battles!

What are the Badges and how do I get them (Survivor, Warrior, First Prize in Camaraderie, Question for a Champion, First in Class)?

From any page, click on the badge on the main menu to go to the page listing the accessible badges. This page presents all badges that can be won. There are 5 badge categories:

  • Survivor module: from 1 to 10 levels completed without losing a life
  • Battle Warrior: from 1 to 25 Battles played

  • First prize in Camaraderie: from 1 to 25 interactions with Coaches
  • Questions for a champion: from 5 to 250 questions answered
  • First in class: from 1 to 25 videos/lessons viewed
Each of these categories has 4 levels depending on your performance: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Badges are grayed out by default until you have earned them. Once a badge is obtained, it is displayed clearly. You will also receive an email to notify you that you’ve achieved one.

How to launch Battles and gain points / How to choose an opponent / How to review a course before accepting the Battle?

“Battle mode” is available from the “Battles” main menu and allows you to test your knowledge in a fun and dynamic way, by challenging other learners. Start a Battle: You can challenge another learner on the platform by clicking on the "Create a new Battle" button on the home page, or from the top of the platform by simply clicking on “Battles”.

  1. Select a course and level
  2. Choose an opponent
  3. Start the Battle and answer the questions as quickly as possible
The challenged person will be notified by email of the challenge that you have launched. Once they have answered the questions, you will be notified who has won the Battle: he or she will have the highest number of correct answers. Please note: in the event of a tie, the winner will be the person who answered the fastest! Each Battle won gives the winner a number of stars corresponding to their score. So ... On your marks? Ready ? Go! NB: you cannot challenge the same person to a Battle on the same content topic more than once. Go step by step, finish a Battle first, then challenge yourself again on another subject ;) Responding to a Battle: If you are challenged by another member of the community, you will receive an email asking you to accept the Battle. It will then be up to you to respond as quickly as possible to questions from to the level concerned. Good luck ! Tip! You can review the course on which the Battle relates before accepting it. Follow the link in the notification email or do it directly via the “Battles” page : The "Battles" page allows you to view the history of your Battles:
  • “Create a Battle”
  • Pending Battles request: Battles that have been launched but to which you have not yet responded
  • Your Battle history: list of completed Battles with mention of your score, that of your colleague and the level concerned

How do I manage my account (my notifications, mobile application, modify the avatar, hide the last name, update my password)?

This page is accessible from the main menu by clicking on your avatar. It offers different functionalities: modify your photo, your password, your notifications. You can also choose whether or not to display your last name.

You can also choose to be available or not as a Coach, choose your language and log out.

You can download and activate the mobile application (if it is available on your platform).

How do I change the language on my platform?

You can change the language of your platform by clicking on the settings icon at the top right of your screen and choosing your language from the drop-down menu. Be careful, this will change the language of the platform, and the courses that exist in this language. Some courses may not be translated into the chosen language.

I have HR rights on the platform: where do I find the analytics page?

If you have HR rights on your training platform you can access the analytics page via the platform footer. If you do not have this access, contact those in charge of the platform within your company, or send us an email:

How can I see the news on my platform?

You will be able to follow the news on your platform via the News block on the home page.

What is the "recommendation" form / NPS?

We want to know your feedback on the platform! To do this, a very simple question is sometimes asked when you complete a module: "Would you recommend the platform to a colleague?" No obligation to answer, but if you do, it will allow us to improve and collect any feedback you may have! Please be aware that any response is analyzed and sorted according to its score and any comments. NB: On the scale of responses from 1 to 10: Choices up to 5 are described as "detractors", choices between 6 and 8 are "passive" and choices 9 and 10 are described as "promoters".

Coorpacademy pedagogy - Following a training course

What is reverse pedagogy? Why are questions shown before course content? Isn't the video accessible first?

The platform's pedagogical protocol offers an innovative learning experience: it is the principle of "learning by doing", accompanied by a collaborative approach. The user can thus discover the concepts of each course by choosing their courses and answering questions without necessarily mastering the theme.

The video of the course is not a prerequisite for completing a level: it is a tool, just like clues, possible visual or text supports, the possibility of finding the answer by surfing on the web, or - and especially - the help of the community accessible through discussion forums and chats with coaches! The video remains accessible at any time at the bottom of the page by clicking on "Lesson".

How do I complete a level? What are lives for?

Levels create structure in our courses, allowing you to learn gradually. Every course starts with a Basic level, which must be validated to unlock the Advanced level, which must in turn be validated to access... the Coach level! Some courses only have a Basic, or Basic and Advanced levels. You earn 4 stars in the overall ranking with each video watched! When you start the level in the quiz, you have 4 lives ❤️❤️❤️❤️ With each wrong answer, you lose one 💔 If you have lost all your lives, however, you can regain one by watching the video of the chapter you are working on.❤️ This gives you an extra chance to complete the level. Of course, all the answers to the questions can be found in the videos! Please note that there is usually one video per chapter! For a course level, it is therefore between 3 to 5 videos to watch!

Can I replay a level to increase my score?

If you replay a level, you can increase your score IF the score of your new test is better than your best test so far. Examples:

  1. I have tried again to improve my score, but I can't do better because I used a clue: I don't earn any extra stars (but I don't lose any either!)
  2. I have tried again and this time I have more correct answers and I watched the 3 videos (which I didn't do before). I then earn 12 additional stars plus stars for the right answers.

What are stars and how can I earn them?

Your score is counted in stars ⭐. You accumulate ⭐ when:

  • You answer a question: + 4 ⭐ (you can reach a total of 16 stars per chapter if you answer all 4 questions correctly!).
  • You view the lesson of each chapter: + 4 ⭐ per lesson. Reviewing a video that has already been viewed does not give you any additional stars.
NB: if you use the clue, you lose 1 ⭐ The more stars you earn, the more it means that you complete courses and progress in your training. It also means that you move up in the overall ranking! PS: you also win stars by winning Battles or by validating a Certificate (see "Battles" section)

How to become Coach and help your colleagues / chat tool?

Coaches are users who have already validated the Coach level of a course and agree to share their knowledge with other learners. On the question page in the right column, next to the clue, a chat tool allows you to chat with Coaches, if they are available. They can be very useful to you if you need them.

How to add a course to your wish list?

To add a course to your wish list, simply click on the "plus" icon located at the top right of each course card. When you hover over the "plus" icon a help text appears to guide you: "Add to my list". To remove a course from your list, you must click on the same icon. It will disappear from your wish list. Once the course added to the list, a section appears on the home page.

Getting to grips with the mobile app, working offline

Is the mobile application enabled on my platform?

To see if your company has chosen to activate the mobile application, go to your Account settings and check if the QR code is active or if it is greyed out: Active QR code: the application is available! Greyed out QR grey: the application is not available...

If I have scanned my QR code once, do I need to re-scan it every time I want to use the application?

Don't worry, just scan the QR code once to connect to the application and make the link to your existing account. For your future connections, simply click on the application icon to launch it and you will automatically be connected to your session.

Can I continue my courses when I take the metro, without an offline network, at home?

Yes, for the moment, you can answer the questions and see the answers of the offline courses, but the videos are not yet available.

Can I answer questions offline / without having internet?

Absolutely! The question and answer interface is fully accessible even if you don’t have network. Your progress is automatically synchronized as soon as you reconnect to the Internet.

Can I start a course on the computer and finish on my mobile (or vice versa)?

Yes ! It is synchronized. For example, you validate level 1 of course A on your computer. When you open your app, you continue course A by starting the next level, level 2. Note: synchronization does not activate within a level. So if you start level 1 on your computer but you do not finish it, you will have to resume level 1 on your app from the beginning.

Can I validate a certificate by completing courses on my mobile app? Can I access certificates?

The courses that you have validated in your application are also validated on your computer, so by learning on the application, you continue to earn points and continue to obtain your Certificates. However, access to the “Certificates” page is not yet available on the application, so you can check the Certificates that you have validated on your desktop version.

Does the mobile application offer exactly the same functionalities as the desktop version (search bar, battle, certificate, menu, ranking, etc.)?

Not quite the same. You have access to the entire catalog in the same way as it is visible on the desktop version of the platform. The mobile application does not yet integrate all the functionalities of the desktop platform: Battles, search bar, ranking, activity page etc.

Technical problems? Blocked on the platform?

Technical error?

Ouch, an error message has just appeared on your screen? We are sorry, a bug has occurred and the cause is not always very clear ... Some bugs are not related to our platform, others are! Anyway, if this happens to you, please contact us at with the error title or a screenshot and we will help you! "Error -1" your browser is probably re-connecting to the internet. During the time that the connection was interrupted, your current progress on the platform has been reset ... → refresh and restart the page of the course. "Error 500" Internal server error, there is generally little to do on your side, except ... → contact us at with the title of the error.

"Error 400" Request error. This can be a bad URL (like the 404 error): a “Bad Request” occurs when the internet address is incorrect. If the cookies in your browser are out of date / incorrect, error 400 may also occur (or if data referring to the wrong IP addresses is in your DNS cache) → empty the browser cache. If you try to download particularly large files, the server may refuse to accept them (rare) causing a Bad Request, which can also happen with header lines that are too long (very rare).

"Error API" The course or item you are looking for did not load → refresh the page and, if the problem persists, contact us at with the title of the error.

My course is not translated into my language

Some courses may not exist in certain languages on your platform. Regarding the courses in the Coorpacademy catalog, note that they are available in French, English and German, with a few exceptions. In some cases, if the content is not in one of these 3 languages, it is because it is being translated, or else it will not be translated. You will always find a warning phrase in bold on the course page: “THE CONTENT OF THIS COURSE WILL BE SOON / IS NOT AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH” For custom courses created by your company, it is up to your platform administrator to decide the language(s) in which courses will be available. Please contact them for more information!

I can't see the video

Below each question you can access the video (Lesson). A red circle shows that the video has not been seen. If the screen does not load or stays blank, then a firewall may be blocking access to videos within your organization. Take a quick test: try to play the video outside your professional network.

If it works then it confirms that you must contact your company's IT department to help you out.

The video is charging but nothing happens... The problem could be related to the allocated bandwidth in the place where you are connected. To avoid this problem, we suggest testing the course on your smartphone. Normally, videos load and play more easily on smartphones.

If you're using Internet Explorer, feel free to update your browser or use the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox. Note that on Windows 7, on IE11, JWP videos require the installation of Flash player

What are the recommended browsers and video players?

Our policy is "evergreen" which means that we ensure full compatibility with the latest versions of browsers, as well as their previous versions. We are therefore in "best effort" on previous versions. Therefore, the following browsers are officially supported:

  • On Chrome and Firefox: latest version and previous version
  • IE11, Microsoft Edge: latest version
  • NB: The platform is incompatible with IE9 and all previous versions.
  • Note that on Windows 7, on IE11, JWP videos require the installation of Flash player
  • App on iOS: the latest version + previous version on iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, and iPad Air2
  • Applying on Android: latest version and previous version (guaranteed, in practice usable from 4.4)
  • Safari Mac latest version and previous version

Is my data secure?

Please consult the platform's footer privacy policy page, where you will find all the details about your data!

When I am at home, how do I connect via SSO to my platform from my phone / PC?

On Coorpacademy side, nothing prevents you from connecting to your platform via SSO. What matters is what your company allows in terms of SSO connection. Your company may apply restrictions (on external devices or IP addresses for example). So first check if you can connect with your personal computer to your company's SSO. If so, you can then connect to the platform via SSO from your personal computer.

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